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The concept of the inner child dates back to the ´child archetypes´ developed by Carl Gustav Jung. He described as the inner child the hidden fragments of our personality that are childlike and that are coming from our childhood behaviours, including spontaneity, creativity, impulsiveness, playfulness and joy, but also hurtful experiences and negative emotions, such as anger, rage, fear and rejection. These childhood experiences and behaviours are affecting us as adults, especially if we were not able to release these emotions as a child. Subconsciously, we are influenced by these childhood traumas, preventing us to mature and live life to our fullest potential.

To work with our inner child and to allow these negative emotions and traumas to be released, is important in order to heal these childhood wounds (even the smallest ones, like not getting the lolly), but it also helps us understand why we behave in certain ways or why we haven´t reached our full potential, yet. Also, reconnecting with our inner child opens up a pathway for the above mentioned upliftig aspects of our personality, which are now able to flow freely into our adult experiences, becoming more playful, joyful, creative and spontaneous.

Inner child work can be a painful and difficult process because we are facing our vulnerable side, where old memories can open up these hurtful feelings, which have been suppressed for so long. Conscious connected breathwork is a safe and very effectful method to work with our inner child because we are unlocking these suppressed emotions, releasing, transforming and integrating them layer after layer. Amazingly, this can be done through the power of our own breath. Not only is it the most natural way of healing but also the safest. Our subconscious mind always knows what we are ready to handle in each session and will, thus, only bring to the surface very carfully selected emotional ´packages´ at a time, preventing us from being overwhelmed or not being able to deal with them. It might take several sessions – either one-on-one or in a group setting – but when we are able to heal and make peace with our inner child, we will eventually transform our whole life and step into a future full of unlimited potential and possibilites. We are basically opening doors to unnknown worlds, seeing them through the eyes of a child again.

We all are magical, sprititual beings with the ability to heal ourselves. Healing happens when we let go of old patterns, healing happens through love, and healing happens through our own breath.


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