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Transcendental Breathwork


Transcendental breathing is a powerful tool to heal yourself and transform your life forever.


What is Transcendental Breathwork?

To 'transcend' means: to go beyond or above the range of normal or merely physical human experience; surpassing the ordinary, exceptional.

The history of this powerful, transformational type of breathing dates back to the 1970s when psychotherapist Stanislav Grof developed 'Holotropic Breathwork'. Grof´s intention was to access a non-ordinary state of consciousness in order to evoke phsychodelic experiences and heal mental illnesses. This was finally achieved through an accelerated circle breathing technique, done over the course of one to two hours and timed to music. 

Transcendental Breathwork derived from these early breathing techniques and is, thus, a powerful tool to reach mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health, by entering an altered state of consciousness, releasing emotions and unlocking hidden powers that are life-changing. The breath journeys, as I call them, have many benefits and lead to emotional and physical healing, spiritual awakening and personal transformation. The most effective and natural tool for personal development and self-mastery. 

Benefits and effects


  • Release any kind of emotional blockages

  • Heal the wounds of unresolved trauma

  • Work with and heal your inner child

  • Release anxiety and depression

  • Manage and balance your emotions 

  • Improve relationships with friends and family


  • Connect with your inner intelligence

  • Expand your consciousness & awareness

  • Create new neural pathways in your brain

  • Get downloads of information

  • Get answers to questions you might have

  • Find your life purpose & gain mental clarity

  • Personal development and self-mastery


  • Spiritual connection and expansion

  • Transcendental and psychedelic experiences

  • Access other realms and dimensions

  • Clear visions of your future or other places

  • Connect with deceased loved ones

  • Meet spirit or cosmic beings

  • Access a state of bliss and universal love

Beyond that, Transcendental Breathwork is an amazing tool to process and overcome any kind of pain, disease or physical symptoms by releasing chemicals and toxins and balancing your whole body naturally. It helps with:


  • Headaches and migraines
  • Chronic cold & flu

  • Back pain

  • Asthma & Epilepsy

  • Heart issues

  • Addictions

  • Weight problems

  • Recover faster from injury and illnesses

  • Improve your immune system & sleep cycle

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Outline of a session

In the beginning of every session I will take quite some time to explain everything in very detail to prepare you for the session. I will explain what you can expect during the, what might happen, the different phases and the breathing technique. You will set an intention for the session and we will do a short shaking exercise to release any tensions in the body. After that you will lie down on your mat and I will be guiding you through a short meditation, from which you will move into the circle breathing technique. You will be breathing actively for around 45 -50 minutes, guided by carefully selected, powerful and evocative music, which will be very loud. I will be guiding you, assisting you emotionally and playing some indigenous instruments along with the music. 


After the "peak" of the active breathing we will move into a phase of emotional release where you might be crying, screaming or releasing any other emotional blockages. After that we will take enough time for integration and relaxation. You will return to your normal breath through the nose and just rest. The total duration of the breathing experience will be around 1 hour and 30 minutes. I will hold loving space for you, guiding and supporting you. In the end I will ask you to come back very slowly, and then there will be time to do some journaling and to share your experience. You will leave the session in a grounded and energized state, lighter, freer and as your new and transformed you.

In an online session we will connect via ZOOM. You will lie down comfortably in your own home, on a yoga mat in a quiet room or on your bed. You will connect a speaker or your headphones with your laptop and point the camera on you, so I can see you during the whole session. You need to make sure that you will not be interrupted or disturbed during the session. The outline of the session will be the same.

Session Bookings



Online Classes


In this session we will join online for a group journey. Group sessions are very powerful because we all connect with each other and share our energies. Visit the Events page for upcoming group journeys or click the button below.

Duration 2 - 2.5 hours


Donation based: give what you can!


Live Workshops

Please check the event page for upcoming workshops in your area.


If you like to schedule group workshops at your location or book me for retreats or other group events, please reach out. Minimum 10 people.

Duration 2.5 - 3 hours per workshop

Feel free to contact me for more information.

I look forward to holding safe and loving space for you!

"Treat the cause instead of the symptom."

Dr. Eduard Bach

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