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1:1 Coaching Program

Renovate. Eliminate. Self-Heal. Elevate. Transform.

The only coaching you will ever need!

A unique 3-month holistic program​ designed to transform every aspect of your life.


Holistic Life Reset

A self-healing program for physical, emotional and mental health. Renovate your body, reset your emotions and redefine your Self on this transformational program to thrive and unleash your true potential.  

You can't just focus on one flawed aspect in isolation if you want to thrive. All areas are interconnected and mutually influential. For long-lasting and sustainable overall health and happiness it is essential to recognize the connections and address each level inclusively. 

That's precisely why I designed this program - to provide you with the tools and support for self-healing across all dimensions of your life: physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual. After all, what's the ultimate objective of healing? Unveiling your true self, thriving on every level. Achieving this requires letting go of what we are not, in order to become who we REALLY are: our true and authentic, infinite SELF. The creator being within us. Navigating our lives from a place of complete understanding, acceptance and love.

If you are ready to embark on your self-healing journey with me, please fill out the application form, to find out if we are a good fit.


Tailored Transformation

Your True Potential Awaits! Reclaim your health, happiness, and purpose now and sign up for this life-transforming ‘ALL-IN’ program.


This 1:1 coaching program is for you if you are ready to:

  • Embrace a holistic approach to physical healing and well-being.

  • Receive guidance on conscious eating, natural health, and lifestyle choices.

  • Attain and maintain your ideal weight.

  • Navigate life challenges with resilience.

  • Release and heal emotional blockages from the past.

  • Embrace change and transform yourself.

  • Uncover your true purpose and potential.

  • Achieve sustainable transformation in every aspect of your life: health, career, finances, family, love & more.

  • Invest in your well-being for a meaningful future.

  • Do “The Work” and put in the effort for lasting results. 

  • You are committed to dive into transformative practices with a supportive guide.



How you will benefit from this program:

Physical Transformation

Outdoor Fitness_edited.jpg
  • Combat chronic diseases, manage lifestyle illnesses, and relieve chronic pain.

  • Tackle menopause symptoms, hormonal imbalances, and weight concerns.

  • Address intestinal problems and achieve optimal gut health.

  • Overcome insomnia and chronic fatigue.

  • Learn healthy eating habits and vibrant lifestyle choices.

Emotional Freedom

  • Conquer anxiety, panic attacks and phobias.

  • Overcome depression and find lasting happiness.

  • Heal from childhood trauma or other emotional wounds.

  • Release frustration, anger, guilt, shame and other destructive emotions.

  • Navigate grief, loss and challenging life crises.

  • Discover the joy of emotional well-being and peace.

Mental Mastery

Mind Relaxation
  • Alleviate chronic stress and burnout.

  • Liberate yourself from negative thinking, limiting beliefs, and chronic worrying.

  • Cultivate fulfilling relationships with partners, children and colleagues.

  • Enhance self-worth and self-esteem.

  • Free yourself from negative body image and any form of addiction.

  • Achieve mental clarity and peace.

Spiritual Awakening

Image by Omkar Jadhav
  • Embark on your spiritual journey and unveil your life's purpose.

  • Discover your life purpose and transform your path.

  • Awaken your true and inner self and create a meaningful life.

  • Embrace personal development and lasting change.

  • Transform into the person you were meant to be.

Join me on your path to holistic wellbeing.

This premium 1:1 coaching program includes:


  • 3 months personal guidance and support

  • 3 x 1-hour 1:1 online coaching sessions / consultations / progress assessments

  • PDF documents & guides about nutrition, natural health, lifestyle & more

  • 1 x 3-hour 1:1 online breath journey session

  • 2 x 2.5-hour online group breath journeys 

  • Guided meditations (according to your individual needs)

  • Emotional Release Practices

  • Daily Breathwork Exercises

  • Private Chat throughout the program

  • Inner Child Work Guide with Instructions and Exercises

  • Shadow Work Guide with Instructions and Exercises

  • Mental Reprogramming Tools & Techniques

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Invest in your SELF.


  • € 1,111 per month (for min. 3 months) OR

  • € 3,000 one time payment (save € 333)

  • € 999 package extension for each additional month (4-12 months)

Are you ready to invest in a thriving and vital future?

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