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Holistic Coaching

Whether you are seeking a vibrant and healthy body, emotional freedom, mental clarity or a happy life full of purpose and meaning, my holistic approach addresses these goals from mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual angles. 

My offer includes a mix of different services, programs, practices and guides tailored to my client’s needs. This includes a combination of holistic nutrition, natural healing modalities, mental training tools, emotional healing techniques, such as transcendental breathwork, shadow work, inner child work, as well as guided meditations and daily breathing practices.

My objective is to assist you in attaining balance, healing, and transformation on a physical, emotional and mental level. I am genuinely passionate about my work and find immense joy in witnessing my clients thrive in all aspects of their lives

 Christine Weiss 

Transformational Health & Lifestyle Coach

Ready for a holistic life transformation?
Embark with me on a self-healing journey to balance body, mind and soul.

About You 

My work is all about YOU, about guiding and supporting you, and providing you with the tools to sustainable, holistic health. To become the best version of yourself in order to live a healthy, fulfilled and happy life. 


My work with you comes from a place of openness, honesty, trust and respect. With these fundamental principles in place I believe all individuals, regardless of circumstance, have the space and opportunity to truly flourish, heal themselves and live a life full of purpose.

Are you ready to break free from the chains of physical ailments, emotional hurdles, and mental roadblocks? 

If you're interested in working with me 1:1, I'd love for you to fill out an application form. It helps us figure out if we're a good match and puts you on the waitlist for my next program. Just click the button below to get started!

Abou you

How you will benefit from working with me:

Physical Transformation

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  • Combat chronic diseases, manage lifestyle illnesses, and relieve chronic pain.

  • Tackle menopause symptoms, hormonal imbalances, and weight concerns.

  • Address intestinal problems and achieve optimal gut health.

  • Overcome insomnia and chronic fatigue.

  • Learn healthy eating habits and vibrant lifestyle choices.

Emotional Freedom

  • Conquer anxiety, panic attacks and phobias.

  • Overcome depression and find lasting happiness.

  • Heal from childhood trauma or other emotional wounds.

  • Release frustration, anger, guilt, shame and other destructive emotions.

  • Navigate grief, loss and challenging life crises.

  • Discover the joy of emotional well-being and peace.

Mental Mastery

Mind Relaxation
  • Alleviate chronic stress and burnout.

  • Liberate yourself from negative thinking, limiting beliefs, and chronic worrying.

  • Cultivate fulfilling relationships with partners, children and colleagues.

  • Enhance self-worth and self-esteem.

  • Free yourself from negative body image and any form of addiction.

  • Achieve mental clarity and peace.

Spiritual Awakening

Image by Omkar Jadhav
  • Embark on your spiritual journey and unveil your life's purpose.

  • Discover your life purpose and transform your path.

  • Awaken your true and inner self and create a meaningful life.

  • Embrace personal development and lasting change.

  • Transform into the person you were meant to be.

Are you ready to start your self-healing journey?

Laura, USA


Working with Christine is one of the absolute best decisions I have ever made for myself. 10 years of digestive issues were nearly resolved with her simple, natural protocol. She is a master at creating a beautiful and nurturing space for your journey, and holding that space for your healing. It was truly a gift to experience the breathwork with Christine."

Michelle, CANADA

"I want to truly thank you for sharing your knowledge & expertise with us. I am happy to report we are still meat & alcohol free and feeling so great! You are very inspiring, Christine! We  continue to apply what you taught and shared with us. Feeeling so fine. Thank you."

Julia, NYC

I am truly grateful to Christine for such an incredibly moving and transformational breathwork session. I have never experienced anything as powerful and unleashing as our time spent together. Christine takes care of every student and supports them through the experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Christine and would encourage everyone to go through this life changing journey. Thank you!


A holistic approach using transcendental breathwork, mental training, natural health & nutritional guidance, to balance body, mind and soul.

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Using Transcendental Breathwork, a powerful circle breathing technique to heal yourself and transform your life forever.


Natural Health & Nutrition

Reset and reprogram your body for a healthy and lasting relationship with food through nutritional coaching, fasting programs and mental training.

black and brown eyeglasses on book on br

Mental Training

Using highly effective mental training techniques and mindfulness practices to change your beliefs and reprogram your mind.

Healing & Transformation

Heals the wounds of unresolved trauma (birth trauma, childhood trauma, accident, etc.)

Releases any kind of emotional and energetic blockages

Personal development

Find your purpose in life

Mental clarity and stability


Living to your fullest potential

Access higher levels of consciousness 

Connect with your inner intelligence

Expand your state of awareness

Get insights and answers about your life

Recover faster from injury and illness

Make your immune system stronger 

Release any physical pain, headaches, migraines

Manage weight problems, addictions and chronic diseases

How Transcendental Breathwork changes your life


Using a powerful circle breathing technique to heal yourself and transform your life forever.

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